PREVIEW Joshua Redman - Best of Both Worlds

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Saturday February 26, 2011

From Oregon Music News

Portland Jazz Festival 2011: Joshua Redman ‘” best of both worlds
By: Jack Berry

Joshua Redman is, strictly speaking, preposterously articulate.

He is also very up for his date in Portland on February 27 as one of the headliners at the Portland Jazz Festival on Sunday, February 27 at the Newmark Theater in the Portland Center for Performing Arts. He’s coming early because he has family in Portland, likes the neighborhoods, culture and coffee. And while he resides in Berkeley, he’ll be coming from a long way away, as in Moscow and Latvia.

Redman kissed off commiseration about the rigors of this schedule, noting that, as far as touring is concerned, this one is relatively light. Which gives you an idea of the demand for his services.

After working for some time with trios, sometimes double trios, he will bring a quartet to the Newmark Theater for the 2 p.m. concert. The addition of Aaron Goldberg on piano reflects a inclination to return to a stronger harmonic texture. Bassist Matt Penman and drummer Eric Harlan will also be involved and all four players are composers, which means ‘originals.’

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