REVIEW Double Trio @ Copenhagen Jazz Festival

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Thursday July 08, 2010

from LondonJazz

Joshua Redman Double Trio
by Sebastian Scotney

I went to the second packed-out night of Joshua Redman’s Double Trio at the Copenhagen Jazzhouse. He introduced the audience to their music with an interesting remark: “We hope you enjoy this almost as much as we do. Because you couldn’t enjoy it more than we do.”

With the Double Trio, Redman has unleashed a band capable of communicating the sheer joy and exhilaration of live music-making as vividly and completely as any I have ever heard. It is a band which puts Redman’s wish to communicate with an audience in a perfect setting. The level of energy, rhythmic excitement and mischief which these five players deliver will stay in the mind for a very long time.

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