Jazz Coalition Helps More Than 100 Musicians

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Monday August 16, 2021


IMN extends a special thank you to the Jazz Coalition for helping to support our artists Jazzmeia Horn, Dayme Arocena, Michael Mayo, and so many others.

How The Jazz Coalition Commission Fund Is Helping More Than 100 Jazz Musicians In Need As The Pandemic Wears On
By: Morgan Enos

The COVID-19 pandemic wounded the jazz community, leaving musicians wondering where their next check would come from. Many of them just got much-needed help courtesy of the Jazz Coalition’“and they’ve offered an ocean of curated audio and video in response…

The Jazz Coalition Commission Fund isn’t just a bunch of distributed checks, though: It doubles as an ocean of curated offerings from its recipients. In an immersive online gallery(opens in a new tab), you’ll find video shorts, remote collaborations, clips from livestreamed gigs, and other assorted home and studio footage. Spend a day wading through this smorgasbord of musical riches, and even the uninitiated will receive a crash course in the state of creative music in 2021.

Again, it can’t be overstated how a cash boost can give musicians not only extra spending money, but the mental and spiritual bandwidth to create.

Click here to learn more and to visit the immersive online gallery