Kathy Mattea Wants to Save Mountain Stage

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Thursday April 08, 2021

From Charleston Gazette-Mail

Kathy Mattea: WV Public Broadcasting, Mountain Stage vital to state
By: Kathy Mattea

I tell people I’ve lived my adult life as an expatriate. I grew up in West Virginia, lived in the same house in Cross Lanes until I left for WVU, and at 19, decided to take my chances at music by moving to Nashville.

It worked out for me, but what I’ve come to understand is that I’ll never be a Tennesseean. I will always be, under my skin, a West Virginian who happens to live in Tennessee.

I got lucky. I made a life and a career in music, and have travelled all over the country and in many other parts of the world, singing and telling stories. That includes a quiet personal mission to educate people about West Virginia, its music and what it’s really like there (when I’m out West, I have to teach many of my audiences that we are not really located near Richmond. Sure, we love Richmond, but we’ve had our own state for 157 years. Haven’t you heard?)

I am aware that these are unprecedented times, and that West Virginia is dealing with some real budget challenges. I was stopped in my tracks Thursday by a call that informed me of the impending budget cuts for Educational and Public Broadcasting in the state. Among the other services that would tragically be lost, this would effectively kill Mountain Stage.

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