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Tuesday April 14, 2020

From NPR

New Mix: More Music For The Here And Now

We seek comfort in the familiar, and I get that. But we all tend to love what we know and not know what we might love. And so on this edition of All Songs Considered, we play a mix of new music mostly from artists you’ve likely never heard.

Jerry Paper is, in the words of NPR’s Andrew Flanagan, “a lovable goofball.” Jerry Paper’s song “Puppeteer” is about the monotony and terror of captivity, which sounds scarier than it is and fitting for our homebound lives. Ben Lukas Boysen makes music I can best describe as inner peace, while Avishai Cohen & Big Vicious create a spacious and thoughtful version of Massive Attack’s “Teardrop.” We close the show with a song from Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus, a band that makes mystery and space for thoughtful reflection, refracted through their wild imagination.

Joining me on this week’s episode, along with Andrew Flanagan, is NPR Music’s Suraya Mohamed and our resident viking, Lars Gotrich.

Click here to listen to the episode and music