Celtic Love Songs For St. Valentine's Day 2020

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Monday February 10, 2020


Celtic Love Songs For St. Valentine’s Day 2020

“Folk music generally, and Celtic music, in particular, have plenty of love songs, some of the best quite frankly, ever written. There are themes of passionate adoration, forced separation caused by emigration, sickness or death, the impossibility of love across class barriers, the universality of unrequited love, and so on. In this playlist, I choose my top 10 for this year.

Of course, any such list is wholly subjective and omits exponentially more than it can ever include. For me, this list represents a cross-section of love songs that have particularly moved me. I have added notes to each song chosen to give a little more background and explain my inclusion of it. As with many of our playlists, we will add to and substitute pieces over time. Your suggestions are always welcomed. is the best email to reach us…

This is one of those British Isles songs that have crossed over through Ireland to American traditional music. It then came back to Ireland and Scotland with a distinctly American accent, and has been beloved for decades and widely recorded. This version by the venerable all-woman band, Cherish the Ladies, features several singers taking different verses to great effect, including Heidi Talbot, Karen Mathieson, Eddi Reader. It’s my favorite version.”

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