Kneebody & Daedelus Discuss Their Bond, Before a Winter Jazzfest Marathon.

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Thursday January 16, 2020


Daedelus and Members of Kneebody Discuss Their Bond, Before a Winter Jazzfest Marathon

New York City’s Winter JazzFest stretches to Brooklyn for the first time this year ‘” arguably offering its best punch of innovative programming, with artists like Kneebody and Daedelus both performing at the Music Hall of Williamsburg as a part of tomorrow’s marathon.

Back in 2016, The Checkout had the chance to feature Alfred Darlington (Daedelus) and Ben Wendel and Kaveh Rastegar (Kneebody) about their musical merging on Kneedelus, a milestone recording on Brainfeeder.

In many ways, that album foreshadowed the near future of jazz, in the ways that a standard instrumental combo can interact with modern sampling technology in an improvisational setting. Daedelus points out:

You think about jazz, and it has this history of innovation and pushing forward with ideas and concepts and melodic motion and all of this stuff, it also has a lot of headwind against it too. When the electric guitar was integrated many decades ago, many people thought it was the beginning of the end. Integration is already happening in a lot of different genres, and I think we are at the birth now of a new mutant thing that will have a different name soon enough because you say jazz and you think Jelly Roll Morton and Miles Davis and that’s unfair to what’s going on now maybe.

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