Maceo Parker, prolific as ever

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Saturday June 01, 2019

From The Metro

At 76 James Brown’s saxophonist Maceo Parker is a prolific as ever

FOR those who heard the late, great James Brown on stage, sing-shouting, mid-song: ‘I want you to BLOW, May-see-oh,’ and been puzzled about what that meant, you can wonder no more. He was addressing Maceo Parker ‘” the saxophone virtuoso who provided the funky woodwind for him and a few other funk legends, including George Clinton and Prince ‘” and letting him know it was time for him to work his magic.

He’s been sought out by fellow saxophonist Bill Clinton, and once even found himself accompanying Vladimir Putin while the Russian leader did an alarming rendition of Blueberry Hill at a charity event in St Petersburg ‘” much to the shock of a constellation of Hollywood stars.

Now Maceo is heading for London, to take part in the Innervisions Festival, where he’ll be featuring special guest Down To The Bone and support from Jen Kearney. He has a pretty clear idea of what he and his funky band need to bring. Speaking on the phone from his home town of Kinston, North Carolina, the 76-year-old sings a snippet of a Burt Bacharach classic in order to express his intentions: ‘What the world needs now is love, sweet love‘¦”

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