An Essential Jazz Album

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Thursday May 16, 2019

From PopMatters

Joshua Redman Quartet’s ‘Come What May’ Is an Essential Jazz Album
By: Brice Ezell

Joshua Redman Quartet’s Come What May is not just a strong contender for 2019’s best jazz album, but also one of the year’s essential releases overall.

Forget “it’s the notes they don’t play”: Come What May, the title of the Joshua Redman Quartet’s first studio LP in 25 years, should be jazz’s motto. There are brevity and clarity to the expression which captures something that great jazz musicians can achieve after years spent touring the club circuit and crystallizing their sound in various studio sessions: the simultaneous feeling of intricacy in composition and ease in playing.

…Offering many musical delights for both the seasoned jazz aficionado and the casual listener, Come What May stands out in the crop of 2019’s jazz releases, and might be one of the best albums of this year, period.

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