'Come What May' - redefining contemporary jazz

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Friday March 29, 2019

From The Financial Times

Joshua Redman Quartet: Come What May – redefining contemporary jazz
By: Mike Hobart

Redman has been touring with Aaron Goldberg, Reuben Rogers and Gregory Hutchinson on piano, bass and drums for over 20 years though, surprisingly, this is their first joint release since 2001’s Passage of Time. Now, the improvisations are more closely argued, narratives unfold at speed and swing rhythms have all but disappeared. And the band have developed a mutual empathy and trust that make the ensemble playing relaxed and free.

The set begins with piano and bass in unison introducing the easy-going waltz “Circle of Life”. Theme stated, sax and piano cavort, intertwine and then play out as one. The Latin-inflected “I’ll Go Mine” comes next, strutting over counterpoint bass, an ever-evolving harmonic sequence and accented snare. Here, Redman rises to a high over a tricky urban vamp and implies the blues with subtle restraint. Later, the saxophonist develops the slight motif and jerky rhythms of “Stagger Bear” into music of substance.

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