Regina Carter Pays Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald

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Friday February 22, 2019

From CityPulse

Voice and instrument: Regina Carter pays a personal tribute to Ella Fitzgerald
By: Lawrence Cosentino

Fitzgerald’s voice matched jazz’s greatest instrumentalists in virtuosity and power. Carter breathes the warmth of the human voice into an instrument that is often pushed to exhibit sheer virtuosity. Their two voices ‘” or instruments ‘” meet in a logical, but surprising, place.

[…] ‘I didn’t want to do the tunes people think of, or everyone else would do,’ Carter said. ‘Ella recorded so much music, and in so many genres. I thought, ‘Why don’t I do a B-side record?’‘ From Carter’s choice of little-known songs to her use of surprising blues, funk and R&B flavors, it’s clear that she is paying tribute to Fitzgerald, not by imitating her, but by being true to herself. ‘If I were a vocalist, I don’t think I’d do a tribute record to Ella,’ she said. ‘I can’t be Ella. There’s only one Ella.’

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