Cherish the Ladies - "Awe-Inspiring"

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Tuesday February 19, 2019

From The Irish Echo

Madden’s work ethic is awe-inspiring
By: Daniel Neely

‘Heart of the Home’ is the 17th album in Cherish’s remarkable 34-year run. The group’s lineup also includes Mary Coogan (guitar, banjo, mandolin), Mirella Murray (accordion), and Kathleen Boyle (piano), and on the album they’re joined by several singers (see below) and guest musicians (Nollaig Casey, fiddle; Trevor Hutchinson, bass & production; Donnchadh Gough, bodhrán; and Peter McKinney, percussion), all of whom bring something noteworthy to the core group’s sound. Top rate musicianship and inventive arrangements are the name of the game here, but it’s the clear chemistry, developed over years, that really remind one why this group has had such an enduring appeal for so long.

[…] The amount Madden is able to do is awe-inspiring. It’s hard enough to keep a band going, but to do it for as long and as well as she has is a true accomplishment. And between the tours, the cruises and the bottle washing, Madden and crew were still able to release ‘Heart of the Home,’ a brilliant album that will charm every Cherish fan out there. Again, remarkable.

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