Carter's Performance Kicks Off Jazz Weekend

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Wednesday November 14, 2018

From The Lawrentian

Carter’s performance kicks off Jazz Weekend

On Friday Nov. 2, American jazz violinist Regina Carter and her group the Regina Carter Quartet performed as part of the Fred Sturm Jazz Celebration Weekend in the Lawrence Memorial Chapel. Her playing was vibrantly alive and full of many dramatic color shifts and variations in texture and tone. The ensemble, comprised of pianist Xavier Davis, drummer Alvester Garnett and bassist Ed Howard, played with extraordinary sensitivity and balance, each listening clearly to the other and thoughtfully supporting and soloing.

[…] The two tunes from the album, ‘Accentuate the Positive’ and ‘I’ll Never Be Free,’ showed off Carter’s incredible range as a violinist. Trained as a classical violinist, she has stunning technical virtuosity mixed with a warm, singing tone. Her vibrato is tastefully applied as one of the myriad of effects Carter has to add color and depth to her playing. No one in her ensemble is shy of technical virtuosity, and the pianist Xavier Davis was also unafraid to get pyrotechnical in his solos as well. Despite going to extremes of color and virtuosity, there was never a feeling of being out of control; each instrumentalist’s solos were expressive with clear narrative arcs to them. There was never a feeling of ‘technique for the sake of technique;’ every technical nuance was applied to the ends of a musical purpose with extreme conviction and strength.

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