Joanie Madden Awarded Eugene O'Neill Lifetime Achievement Award

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Monday November 12, 2018

From Irish Central

Joanie Madden awarded the Eugene O’Neill Lifetime Achievement Award
By: Larry Kirwan

Irish American Writers & Artists has chosen Joanie Madden to be honored with the 10th Eugene O’Neill Lifetime Achievement Award for her groundbreaking charge against male dominance in the Irish traditional music sphere and her successful international career.

Very few make a living from our endeavors. Most support themselves through day jobs, and devote their spare hours to their real work, be it novels, plays, videos, performance, songs, you name it! Joanie Madden is an exception. Not only is she a groundbreaker who helped lead the charge against male dominance in Irish Traditional Music, she has also carved out a successful international career with Cherish The Ladies.

For those reasons and others, Irish American Writers & Artists has chosen her as the 10th recipient of our Eugene O’Neill Lifetime Achievement Award. Past awardees have included William Kennedy, Brian Dennehy, Charlotte Moore and CiarĂ¡n O’Reilly of the Irish Rep, Judy Collins, John Patrick Shanley, Pete Hamill, Patricia Harty, Phil Donohue, and that scourge of all reactionaries, Malachy McCourt.

As someone who has shared festival stages all over the country with Cherish The Ladies I can testify that Joanie is as popular backstage as she is with her many fans. She has a smile for everyone and lends a discreet helping hand for those in need. Not to mention that her pioneering collaboration with symphony orchestras will continue to open doors for many other driven musicians.

Bring your sense of truth, justice and, most of all, fun to midtown on Nov. 12th when we honor Joanie Madden, a woman who has changed the way we listen to music in America.

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