Chucho Valdes Shows Off Boundless Curiosity

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Monday November 05, 2018

From The Colombia Daily Tribune

Notes and Tones: Valdes shows off boundless curiosity
By: Jon W. Poses

It’s virtually impossible not to be excited when pianist Chucho Valdés issues a new recording ‘” for more than one reason.

First, in my humble opinion, having seen him perform on a number of occasions from a privileged vantage point only a few feet away at the side of a stage, there remains little doubt Valdés stands as one of the world’s most technically accomplished living pianists. Second, you simply want to see in what ways and what configurations he’s going to express himself.

Listening to Jazz Batá 2 is almost like listening to a cinematic soundtrack. […] Meanwhile Valdés sounds like an ongoing, ever-shifting sonic force; it’s almost as if he’s oblivious to what’s going on around him. He’s on a mission and carves his own musical path throughout. Of course, that’s anything but the reality of this well-designed project. It’s as if this could have been a solo piano effort, but it’s great that it’s not because, as deep a player as Valdés is, this coterie of musicians decidedly helps bring out so much more.

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