Jack DeJohnette's Coming to Houston

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Thursday November 01, 2018

From The Houston Chronicle

Jazz master Jack DeJohnette’s steady beat coming to Houston
By: Andrew Dansby

For more than 50 years, Jack DeJohnette’s music has functioned as a river, flowing ceaselessly with numerous tributaries feeding into it and others breaking off from it.

A thorough Jack DeJohnette discography ‘” even void of commentary ‘” would require an absurd amount of space. Such is the depth of DeJohnette’s body of work that when I bring up a 1980s album he made with guitarist John Abercrombie, he says he doesn’t think he played on it. (He did.) Even the most condensed version of his work is a long scroll: Between 1966 and 1969, he found himself the quintessential protean drummer, working in bands led by such varied jazz leaders as Charles Lloyd, Bill Evans and Miles Davis. DeJohnette more recently coined the phrase ‘multidimensional music’ to describe his broad body of work. ‘More recently’ meaning in the ’90s. But the descriptor retroactively applies to his entire career.

[…] ‘I’m always looking to change up a situation,’ DeJohnette, 76, says. ‘Most musicians I work with are the same way. Musicians who are expansive are always looking for different projects. Different musicians bring out different aspects of you and your playing, and you do the same for them.’

Just in the past few years, DeJohnette made a solo piano album, a recording with Hudson (a group featuring guitarist John Scofield and keyboardist John Medeski), another called ‘Made in Chicago’ with some legends and ‘In Movement,’ a trio session, an intriguing, cross-generational one at that. ‘In Movement’ had DeJohnette anchoring a small ensemble with Ravi Coltrane on reeds and Matthew Garrison on bass and electronics. The trio plays Saturday night at the Wortham Theater Center.

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