Maceo Makes It Funky

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Friday August 10, 2018

From Daily Record

Maceo still makes it funky, with love
By: Bill Nutt

‘Maceo, blow your horn!’

During his legendary live shows, James Brown would exhort his saxophonist, Maceo Parker, with that injunction.

More than 50 years after they began collaborating, Parker is still following Brown’s famous command. One of the most respected sax players in funk, Parker has distinguished himself as both a sideman and a band leader in his own right.

‘I get to do what I love,’ said Parker. ‘Everything I do is all about love. Love is what I’m into. It’s better to make other people smile than to make them frown. We play the funky stuff, the danceable stuff. But in between, we shout out, ‘We love you!’ We make it into a chant, with everyone joining in.’

Parker said that he was born with love in his heart. He delightedly pointed out that his birthday is February 14 ‘” Valentine’s Day. (The North Carolina native turned 75 this year.) ‘Isn’t that perfect?’ he asked with a laugh. Parker approaches his concerts with missionary-like zeal. ‘I see a lot of negative stuff on the news,’ he said. ‘I’m trying to promote love. What does that mean? Do unto others. Show common courtesy. That’s my contribution. Let’s try to love more.’

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