Two Daring Duos

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Wednesday May 09, 2018

From Ottawa Citizen

Two daring duos (Frank Carlberg/Noah Preminger, Anat Cohen/Fred Hersch CDs reviewed)
By: Peter Hum

Live in Healdsburg (Anzic Records)
Anat Cohen and Fred Hersch

Whispers and Cries (Red Piano Records)
Frank Carlberg and Noah Preminger

If you want to hear brilliant cases for staying focused on the basics of jazz, then you could not do any better than listen to the above two albums. The duet records, which respectively feature pianist Frank Carlberg with tenor saxophonist Noah Preminger and clarinetist Anat Cohen with pianist Fred Hersch, are glowing examples of remarkably personal musicians exhibiting stunning rapports as they collaborate.

[…] I’m just as impressed with Live At Healdsburg, from clarinetist Cohen and pianist Hersch. Cohen, who is a generation younger than Hersch, matches the piano master for lyricism and adventurous spirit. Their album has a broad celebratory feel. There is the poignancy of Jimmy Rowles’s dark-hued ballad The Peacocks and the courtly waltzing of Cohen’s The Purple Piece. But more often Cohen and Hersch express different shades of joy, from the sprightly opening tracks A Lark and Child’s Song, both compositions by Hersch, to the the skittering, swinging fun of Hersch’s tune Lee’s Dream to the jaunty and playful takes of Billy Strayhorn’s Isfahan and Fats Waller’s Jitterbug Waltz.

As was the Carlberg/Preminger collaboration, the Cohen/Hersch get-together is a true tandem effort, a full-fledged meeting of minds that yielded beautiful, timeless music.

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