Afro-Cuban Rhythms

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Wednesday April 11, 2018

From The Philadelphia Tribune

Chucho Valdes brings Afro-Cuban rhythms to Annenberg
By: Rita Charleston

Known the world over as a musical giant, the Afro-Cuban musician combines his fascinating blend of African, South American, Cuban and Spanish musical traditions to rate a category all his own.

Admitting he enjoys all kinds of music, but by the ’70s Valdes started to play a distinctly Afro-Cuban sound. He said, ‘Afro-Cuban music is my root, my identity. We try to do a job where we enrich that concept, mixing the African rhythms with the electronic. Many barriers were broken in regard to that genre.’

Audiences at the Annenberg concert will hear the new concept of Jazz Bata based on Afro-Cuban and jazziest rituals. ‘My last album was done in 2015. It won the Grammy for the Best Latin Jazz Album category. I am currently working on a new project that you will witness with Jazz Bata.’

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