Continuing a Cherished Tradition

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Friday March 16, 2018

From the Cape Cod Times

All-female band Continues a Cherished Tradition
By: Joe Burns

Transcending distance and time, tradition can link generations and bring a bit of Ireland to a New York neighborhood, 3,000 miles away.

That was how it was for tin whistler Joanie Madden, co-founder of Cherish the Ladies, the female Celtic band performing on St. Patrick’s Day at Cape Cod Community College.

‘It was a very Irish neighborhood,’ Madden says of the Woodlawn section of the Bronx, where she was raised. ‘Hundreds of kids were involved in Irish music and Irish football and Gaelic football and also Irish dancing, so there was nothing strange about being involved in Irish culture. All of us were first-generation Irish-Americans, and it was very important to our parents that we took up the culture and sports of Ireland and they really encouraged us.’


‘We all come from musical backgrounds, every one of us. All of our parents were noted musicians,’ Madden says. That commonality inspired the group’s latest album, Heart of the Home, released late last month. The title as well as the music is meant to honor the shared family heritage. ‘That was the greatest gift they could give us,’ Madden says. ‘We’re carrying on the music of our fathers and were dedicating the record to our dads.’

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