Lucky to See Cherish the Ladies

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Monday March 12, 2018

From Sioux City Journal

REVIEW: Cherish the Ladies makes concertgoers lucky, indeed
By: Bruce R Miller

Fostering the spirit of traditional Irish music, the Grammy nominees rolled through nearly two dozen originals and classics, dressing each up with stories about their inspiration.

Joanie Madden, the flute and whistle player, served as tour guide, talking about everyone from her mother (who hadn’t been back to Ireland in decades) to the mayor of Tipperary (who called the group ‘Worship the Women’). Like your favorite storyteller, she effortlessly glided from one mood to another.

While a number of the traditional songs had a mournful tone, Saturday’s concert had plenty of ‘get jiggy with it’ moments when three Irish dancers upped the blood pressure significantly. They punctuated several numbers and provided variety even when you didn’t think you needed it.

After nearly two hours of music, they gained plenty of new fans, largely because their musicianship was so endearing. Lucky for us.

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