Traditional Irish Music Comes to Park Forest

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Friday February 23, 2018

From The Chicago Tribune

Cherish the Ladies brings traditional Irish music to Park Forest
By: Jessi Virtusio

What started as a concert series in New York City to celebrate the rise of women in what was a male-dominated Irish music scene has become its own musical force. “The whole world of women has changed a lot. In my mother’s time it wasn’t proper for women to play music or even be in a pub,” said Joanie Madden, co-founder of Cherish the Ladies. “The pub was really the heart of where the music was. Irish music was always passed down through the family. I grew up listening to my dad play around the house. That’s where music came from for me.”

People who attend Cherish the Ladies’ Southland show have a chance to buy the “Heart of the Home” CD before its release in March after the Grammy-nominated Irish-American supergroup returns from tour.

“We are releasing our 17th album. It’s about music we learned from our parents. We’ll be coming through with our Irish music and our dancing and singing in support of this album,” said Madden.

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