The Mighty Hudson

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Wednesday January 17, 2018

From Hudson Valley

The Mighty Hudson: Members of the jazz supergroup Hudson, featuring legends John Medeski and John Scofield, share their love of the region that inspires them ‘” the same place they call home
By: Dan Fisher

[…] from the Valley comes jazz and more specifically, the jazz supergroup Hudson ‘” featuring drummer Jack DeJohnette, bassist Larry Grenadier, keyboardist John Medeski, and guitarist John Scofield ‘” whose eponymous first album was released last June on CD and MP3. (On April 21, the vinyl version will be released.)

Other than being virtuosos of their chosen instruments, the world-renowned musicians of Hudson have something else in common: They are all full-time residents of the Hudson Valley, which made naming the band after their shared homeland a somewhat obvious choice.

‘Living here enables me to see, to find a certain something, to feel good and inspired,’ says Medeski, also a founding member of legendary cult trio Medeski Martin & Wood. ‘There is something here to draw from; what that is, is hard to know. There’s a Native energy. When you respect that, when you quiet down and open up to those kinds of energies ‘” the nature of the place ‘” there is a lot to be gotten. Driving around, taking in the beauty of it all: the sunset, the trees in the fall, the air in the summer, blankets of snow in the winter.’

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