Anat Cohen: Stunning Concert at SFJAZZ

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Wednesday January 10, 2018

From Jazz Police

The Clarinet Emerges from the Past in a Stunning Concert at SFJAZZ
By: Ken Vermes

[…] The exciting part of the emergence of Anat through this show is that she is demonstrating she is a ‘HOT’ jazz player, in the classic sense. As you might remember, in the days when swing music was a style, even after the demise of the big bands, there emerged an idea that ‘hot’ jazz was the polar opposite of the new birth of the ‘cool’ style, exemplified by Mile Davis, Charlie Parker and, later, the West Coast jazz players. Now this dichotomy doesn’t quite exist now, in the midst of many styles played by musicians today, yet there are certainly players and music that by looking back to traditional sources, spring from classic styles and attitudes. And Anat and her group draw from a number of these sources, including Brazilian Choro, traditional music from the classics of Jewish culture, swing music, and others.

During the show, Anat performed originals ‘Happy Song,’ ‘Valsa Para Alice,’ Anat’s Doina,’ ‘Loro,’ ‘Thrill and Thrills,’ ‘Kenedougou Foly,’ and an encore, ‘Espina de Bacahau.’ The music was non-stop, varied with solos by all of the band members. The spotlight moved quickly from the horn section to the percussion group (drums, bass, vibes and percussion instruments) to the pianist and accordionist to Anat’s clarinet. From the first tune, the audience was completely involved in the flow, clapping, watching, cheering and so on.

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