Kneeboody, Well-Oiled Anarchy

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Friday August 04, 2017


Kneeboody, Well-Oiled Anarchy
By: Paul Verdeau

The American quintet returns with Anti-Hero, an album in the image of their music, square and crazy at the same time. A perfect alchemy, which, according to them, is almost a “miracle”.

When asked the question, saxophonist Ben Wendel is categorical: the title of the last album of Kneebody, Anti-Hero, is not political. “ This is the title of a piece written by Adam Benjamin, our keyboardist, inspired by Walter White of the Breaking Bad series ,” he explains. But when we chose this title for the album, We did not have the policy in mind . “ Between the writing of the song and the release of the album, last March, this conception evolved, with the recent events that marked the American society, according to the saxophonist. “ Sometimes we write songs and the world takes them and interprets them differently, there is not only one way to consider music.

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