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Friday May 19, 2017

From World Music Report

Anat Cohen: Música da Paz e Alegria
By: Raul da Gama

Anat Cohen Presents Two New Albums: ‘Rosa Dos Ventos’ and ‘Outra Coisa’ (The Music of Moacir Santos)

Montanha, Cristiano Alves, Nailor Proveta, Buosi and Burgani; Brasilian clarinetists have embraced samba, choro and classical music, and in Proveta’s case, he bring his own Brasilian sensibility to Jazz, moving seamlessly north and south and north and south again, but always with that skipping, shuffling and rolling behind the beat rhythm evocative of frevo, maracatu and every kind of samba. With the clarinetist, Anat Cohen, the movement is from Jazz to Brasil. The effect, however, is the same: A música da paz e da alegria.

Few foreigners other than Harvey Wainapel and Anat Cohen have been welcomed into the heart of Brasil; the heart being the inner sanctum sanctorum of that unique Brasilian existentialist sensibility. Curiously Brasilianism is indeed a philosophical attitude. In one sense it may be associated (especially) with Heidegger, Jaspers, Marcel, and Sartre, who found existentialism to be opposed to rationalism and empiricism. Thus they stressed instead, the individual’s unique position as a self-determining instrument responsible for the authenticity of his or her choices.

Put in the context of Brasilianism, crafted from its Africanism and its Portuguese branches, Brasilian music is a reflection of its people’s existentialist sensibility; A música da paz e da alegria. And depending on how close a musician (such as Vasconcelos or Gismonti, or the musicians of Uakti, for instance) is to his or her African-ness, or Portuguese-ness, swinging in a pendulous way from a Bachianas to a frevo and back again. Brasilian musicians have the ability to create magic from this. And also, it seems, does Anat Cohen. Here are two examples:…

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