For The Love Of Choro

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Thursday May 18, 2017

From KNKX Public Radio

Anat Cohen And Trio Brasileiro: For The Love Of Choro
By: Robin Lloyd

For her third appearance in the KNKX studios, Anat Cohen brought along Trio Brasileiro, the group that presents the very popular spring choro workshops at Centrum in Port Townsend.

Brazilian choro music is a cousin of jazz, mixing European melodic and harmonic traditions with African rhythms and sensibilities. The word choro means ‘cry’ or ‘lament,’ but much of the music sounds bright and peppy. There’s a very subtle touch of sadness and longing, which Brazilians call ‘saudade.’

There was no sadness in the room for this performance though, just delight. Anat and Trio Brasileiro played a traditional choro tune and some original compositions from their new CD ‘Rosa Dos Ventos.’

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