Out Today: Two New Anat Albums

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Friday April 28, 2017

Anat has officially release two new albums: Outra Coisa & Rosa Dos Ventos.

Rosa Dos Ventos by Anat Cohen and Trio Brasileiro

In April 2017, Clarinet superstar Anat Cohen released two albums which celebrate and examine her connection to Brazil and its music.

On Rosa Dos Ventos, Cohen joins forces with cutting edge Brazilian ensemble “Trio Brasileiro” to explore Brazil’s traditional Choro music and its modern reflections.

Trio Brasileiro was formed in 2011 and is dedicated to performing traditional Choro music as well as their own contemporary compositions, inspired by Choro. The trio comprises of Douglas Lora – a celebrated guitarist and full time member of the award-winning Brasil Guitar Duo, Dudu Maia – one of Brazil’s finest mandolin virtuosos, and Drummer/Percussionist Alexandre Lora.

Choro music originated in 19th-century Rio de Janeiro. Very much like its contemporaries the Dixieland and early New Orleans jazz, it was created by the combination of traditional European dance forms like the polka, the waltz and the mazurka with African and South American rhythms. It is traditionally a vehicle for virtuosi improvisers.

Cohen has long been associated with the music of Brazil in general and Choro in particular. Her solo releases often include Brazilian or Brazilian-inspired compositions, often penned by Cohen.

This is the trio and Cohen’s second recorded collaboration, following their 2015 release Alegria Da Casa, which featured combination of traditional Choros and originals inspired by the traditional form. Rosa Dos Ventos is a fascinating next step in the evolution of this collaboration; it features only original compositions by the members of Trio Brasileiro and Anat Cohen.

The instrumentation on Rosa Dos Ventos is a take on the traditional Choro band – the characteristic 7-string guitar, clarinet, and Pandeiro are present. The traditional Bandolim (a Brazilian take on the Mandolin) in replaced by an unusual 10-String Bandolim (the traditional Bandolim has 4 sets of 2 strings for a total of 8), and the Pandeiro is joined by additional percussion instruments – among them the intriguing new pitched percussion instrument the ‘Hand Pan.’

The compositions move from the traditional to the daringly modern. Some contemporary indie-rock influences are present, traditional bitter-sweet Choros can be heard, the blues makes an appearance, Flamenco is explored, and indian-inspired drone-heavy compositions are offered. While travelling through these various styles and traditions, the musicians remain rooted in the improvisatory, virtuosic, grooving and deeply moving choro tradition. The genre-defying result is Choro ‘” reimagined.

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Outra Coisa by Anat Cohen & Marcello Gonçalves

“The connection between Moacir Santos and the guitar has been on my mind ever since I heard Baden Powell play Moacir Santos’s music on the album ‘Baden Powell swings with Jimmy Pratt.’

I’ve always loved the rich orchestral sounds of Moacir’s compositions but could not imagine how to transfer the large ensemble sound I heard into my solo guitar. Last year, reading Moacir Santos’s scores directly from his songbook, I was surprised how perfectly it fit the 7-string guitar, in the original key, as if the music was composed for the instrument.

I spent a year working on that repertoire and when Anat visited Brazil, I proposed that we get together so I could show her the arrangements I’d been working on. The clarinet was Moacir’s first instrument. If his compositions sounded so beautiful on the guitar, I could only imagine how special they would sound played by Anat on the clarinet. Anat proposed meeting directly at a recording studio and so we did. When we started playing, Anat, who has known me for many years, said: ‘I have never seen you so happy!’ I responded: ‘I’ve never been!’ This recording documents those two happy days in the studio.

I hope you enjoy listening to this music as much as we enjoyed playing it.”

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