NY Times features "La Rumba Me Llama Yo"

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Friday March 10, 2017

From New York Times

Daymé Arocena, ‘La Rumba Me Llama Yo’
By: Jon Pareles

Towering ambitions in Latin jazz take euphoric form on ‘Cubafonía,’ the new album by the Cuban singer Daymé Arocena. Age-old Afro-Cuban rhythms, brassy big-band dance music, modern jazz harmonies and hints of funk all show up in her songs, and her voice ‘” low, rich, agile and irrepressible ‘” ricochets off them all. Try ‘La Rumba Me Llamo Yo,’ an affirmation of Cuba’s deepest rumba traditions that somersaults across eras, from deep traditional guaguancó to hard-vamping rumba to meter-shifting horn arrangements ‘” all of which eventually become a springboard for her exultant scat-singing. It’s just one tour de force on an album full of them.

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