"An Experience Not To Be Missed"

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Monday February 20, 2017

From DC Metro Theater Arts

Review: Regina Carter: ‘Simply Ella’ at The Kennedy Center
By: Robert Michael Oliver

Regina Carter and her violin: a human voice has never sounded so true.

If you get a chance to experience Regina Carter: Simply Ella, the jazz quintet composed of Regina Carter (violin), Marvin Sewell (guitar), Brandon McCune (piano), Chris Lightcap (bass), and Alvester Garnett (drums), then buy your tickets now.

It is an experience not to be missed.

Not only will memories be summoned of the incomparable Ella Fitzgerald’“the First Lady of Song, the Queen of Jazz, or simply Lady Ella’“but visions of musical conversations about love and harmony and a world of wonder will stimulate and flood your mind.

2017 celebrates the 100th birthday of Ella Fitzgerald, and Simply Ella is Ms. Carter’s contribution to that joy. Taken from her upcoming album, Ella: Accentuate the Positive, the set highlights not Ella’s most famous numbers but many of her B-side hits.

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