Maceo Parker brings love to his music

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Thursday October 06, 2016

From Hollywood Soapbox

INTERVIEW: Maceo Parker brings love to his music
By: John Soltes

Maceo Parker is a performer who brings loves to each and every one of his concerts. The famed musician who got his start with James Brown, is currently on a tour that will bring him to the Northeast in the coming days.

Parker, who recently spoke with Hollywood Soapbox, said his brand of music features 2 percent jazz and 98 percent funk. ‘When I was very, very young, me and my brothers we just tried to listen to everything recorded, and it was what we could buy and what the neighbors had,’ Parker said in a phone interview. ‘You know, Lawrence Welch, and sometimes Count Basie band or whatever. We just wanted to have it in the house, so there’s a lot of music. There’s a piano around as far back as I can remember, and somehow I felt really, really comfortable in the funky side. And that’s probably why and how James Brown decided to use me as much as he possibly [could] because he was sort of a funky kind of guy.’

When fans of Parker check out one of his shows, they usually hear some of Parker’s solo saxophone work, classics from his days with Brown, Prince and George Clinton, and some Ray Charles thrown in for good measure. To this day, Parker still remembers hearing Charles’ ‘What I’d Say’ for the first time; it was a seminal experience for the musician.

‘We actually tore the house almost down listening to Ray Charles’ ‘What I’d Say,’‘ he said. ‘We really went crazy then. I’ll never forget it. I’ll never, never forget it because we went absolutely crazy.’

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