Dianne Reeves' "positive spirit and spirituality"

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Tuesday July 12, 2016

From 27 East

Dianne Reeves Performs At Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center July 17
By: Isa Goldberg

When Dianne Reeves appears at Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center on Sunday, July 17, it will be on the heels of her European tour. Last stop: Riga, Latvia. This schedule is not unusual for the jazz singer who typically tours for six to seven months each year. Speaking from her home in Denver, Ms. Reeves said during a phone interview that living there gives her life balance. She loves the Rocky Mountain high and all the things that she grew up with there’“lots of family, a porch to sit and relax on, and the chance to just be herself. It’s this sense of life that is reflected in her music. ‘That feeling of hope,’ she mused. ‘I always want to feel that we can move forward and make changes. I always want to feel that I can do that.’

About her upcoming concert’“her first time back in Westhampton Beach in four years’“she said the material will be similar to what she performed on her European tour, ‘but done in a totally different way.’ In Europe, ‘I’m doing some orchestral things,’ she said.

Precisely what songs she’ll perform must remain a surprise. ‘Because I never work with a set list,’ Ms. Reeves said warmly and very openly. ‘Everything will be called from the stage.’ Indeed, the magnificence of her voice is revealed in those improvisational moments when she’s on stage, where she is free of inhibitions. ‘It’s straight from heart to sound, being a co-creator with my band. We really create things as we go and I love that.’

What stands out quintessentially about Ms. Reeves’s musicality is the positive spirit and spirituality that it conveys. Even in songs that address the deepest sense of loss such as ‘Long Road Ahead’‘“the closing song on her recent album ‘Beautiful Life’‘“the focus is on hope and the fulfillment of dreams. And while the ballad is about the loss of her mother, which causes the singer to reflect on regret, the feeling she communicates is powerful and uplifting: ‘When I see you, I see light, and the hope of more to come. I wish you grace, strength, joy and blessedness as you walk the long road.’

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