Saxophone great Maceo Parker still calls Kinston home

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Saturday May 21, 2016

From The News & Observer
By David Menconi

Saxophone great Maceo Parker still calls Kinston home

Gold records line the walls in the office of Maceo Parker’s Kinston homestead, commemorating some of the hits the iconic saxophonist has played on over the past half-century. But Parker’s most eye-catching artifacts are the pictures of him with various members of the celebrity jet stream.

In one shot, he’s playing his saxophone onstage with BeyoncĂ©. Others show Parker alongside some of his more notable bandleader employers: James Brown, George Clinton, Prince. And in still others, he’s posed with Spike Lee, Jennifer Lopez, even former President Bill Clinton.

‘Prince would call me ‘teacher,’ ‘ Parker said, looking at a photo of himself onstage in cap and gown, blowing his saxophone with Prince behind him. ‘Clinton, I met over in Europe when I was with Prince. When I told him that, he looked at me and said, ‘It should be that Prince is with you!’ ‘

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