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Sunday February 07, 2016


Immigrants: A Blessing to Our American Music
By Barry Bassis

“I could easily write a book about Israeli jazz musicians or at least a chapter on The Three Cohens, two brothers and a sister from Tel Aviv, who have achieved stardom together and separately.

Anat Cohen has been leading Downbeat polls as the top clarinet player for years, and she is also a powerful sax player. Her latest album, ‘Luminosa,’ is focused on Brazilian music. (The Brazilian Press hailed her as ‘an Israeli who seems like a Brazilian when she plays samba.’)

Trumpeter Avishai Cohen, Anat’s brother, has just released his first album on the ECM label, ‘Into the Silence.’ This is a haunting CD in which Avishai’s muted trumpet expresses the pain of loss. The album is a jazz instrumental requiem for his father. He wrote most of the tunes in the six months after his father’s death.”

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