Dianne Reeves Rocks Symphony Hall

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Monday February 29, 2016

From NBC 7 San Diego

Dianne Reeves Rocks Symphony Hall
By: Robert Bush

Reeves’s band is well-oiled and battle-tested, and its opening instrumental highlighted the resourcefulness and interplay of guitarist Romero Lubambo and pianist Peter Martin, who also serves as Reeves’ musical director. Demonstrating a penchant for unusual material, Reeves launched into a surprising arrangement of Stevie Nicks’ “Dreams,” showcasing her supple multi-octave range and the melodic invention of Martin’s piano.

Reeves is a masterful storyteller, and on the autobiographical “9,” she sang with true conviction about the vicissitudes of age through the perspective of a child, guided primarily by the lithe harmonic support of Lubambo, who seems to have a special hookup with the vocalist.

Bassist Reginald Veal also has a deep connection with Reeves, and his pocket-laden vamp on her interpretation of Miles Davis’ “All Blues” was consistently delightful, as was the almost catholic voice-leading of Martin, whose accompaniment on “Our Love Is Here to Stay represented a personal highlight for me.

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