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Wednesday December 16, 2015


Jazz Intuition, American Roots and Double Hybrids
By: Nate Chinen

Hybridism often leads the agenda when an electronic producer aligns with a jazz ensemble ‘” but what if both parties are already hybridized to the hilt? The Los Angeles label Brainfeeder has lately been in the business of answering that question, with albums like ‘Kneedelus,’ a convergence of the chamber-groove ensemble Kneebody and the atmospheric beat alchemist Daedelus. Available in digital formats, it feels less like a meeting than a melding, benefiting from a long collaborative history: Ben Wendel, the saxophonist in Kneebody, knew Daedelus, a.k.a. Alfred Darlington, as a jazz bassist back in high school. So in addition to flashes of hyperkinetic fusion ‘” on ‘Platforming,’ featuring an uncorked solo by Mr. Wendel, and ‘Loops,’ with strong work by the trumpeter Shane Endsley and the drummer Nate Wood ‘” there are calmly brooding tracks with no apparent point to prove. The standout is ‘Home,’ with a near classical melody and a meditative drift evoking Miles Davis’s ‘In a Silent Way.’

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