SFJAZZ Presents "Sacred Space: Celebrating the Clarinet"

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Sunday November 15, 2015


SFJAZZ Presents “Sacred Space: Celebrating the Clarinet” at Grace Cathedral
By Ken Wermes

“On November 12, SFJAZZ presented a performance as a part of its long-standing series at Grace Cathedral, on top of Nob Hill in San Francisco. This series of performances, in co-operation with the cathedral staff, offers musicians a unique opportunity to present music of an especially creative kind. The music is linked to the Cathedral, which is a gigantic building with terrifically high ceilings. It is a giant stone chamber with deep and unpredictable resonance. Not even the latest recording technology could possibly recreate sounds like this, changing as the musicians change their own positions. Yet many recordings have been done inside the structure, listed on the cathedral web site. The most famous jazz concert in the cathedral was by Duke Ellington, who performed his ‘Sacred Concert’ on September 16, 1965. There is a recording of this event, still available. More recently, in September 2015, SFJAZZ celebrated the 50th anniversary of the original Ellington concert with a new version scored and directed by alto saxophonist Miguel Zenon (see review here). SFJAZZ had previously celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Ellington show as well.”

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