Dianne Reeves brings pure joy to Spoleto

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Monday June 01, 2015

Anybody walking near St. Philip and George streets between 9:10 and 10:30 on Saturday night must have stopped walking for a moment and turned their attention toward the Cistern. From the moment Dianne Reeves’ band took the stage, the quartet’s masterful interplay worked like a snake charmer on our ears, drawing us in and forcing our jaws to drop lower with each effortless but expertly delivered musical transition…

Reeves is a five-time Grammy winner, and she showed us why within moments, demonstrating an uncannily ability to transition between head and chest voice, back and forth as the moment requires…

Reeves and her band are among the finest musicians in the world, yet they bring such a humility and relaxed comfort to the stage that it actually feels like you’re in their backyard hanging out with friends. They’ve got that extra little something that only the perfect combination of attitude, training, and natural talent can create.

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