Jack DeJohnette's Made in Chicago on NPR's Weekend Edition

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Monday June 01, 2015

From NPR
Weekend Edition

For Jack DeJohnette, A Chicago Homecoming Brought A Reunion With Old Friends

Drummer Jack DeJohnette is an NEA Jazz Master who’s played with everybody. He helped Miles Davis invent jazz-rock in the 1960s and ’70s, and he’s been the anchor in Keith Jarrett’s trio for decades. But DeJohnette’s latest album, Made in Chicago, takes the 71-year-old drummer back to his old stomping grounds and reunites him with some of the musicians he played with in Chicago growing up.

DeJohnette currently lives outside Woodstock, N.Y., but in 2013, the Chicago Jazz Festival invited him back to his hometown to headline Jack DeJohnette Day ‘” and he knew just who he wanted to play with him.

“I didn’t have to think,” DeJohnette says. “I immediately, these are the people who came up. This is an opportunity to do this … celebrate with my friends, who are great legends in their own right.”

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