Cherishing Joanie

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Tuesday March 24, 2015

From Irish America

Cherishing Joanie
By Kristin Cotter McGowan, Contributor

As the Cherish the Ladies 30th Anniversary Tour begins, Kristin Cotter McGowan talks to founding member, the award-winning whistle and flute player Joanie Madden.

Irish music was the soundtrack to life for Joanie Madden and other Irish American kids growing up in Woodlawn, a heavily Irish section of the Bronx, NY, back in the 1970s.

‘I was lucky ‘” even if you didn’t want to hear it, or weren’t into it, you were learning Irish music by osmosis. It was sinking in,’ Joanie recalls. When we speak in mid-February, she is preparing for the 30th Anniversary Tour of her musical group, Cherish the Ladies.

‘Anytime there was a function ‘” a christening, a funeral, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter Sunday ‘” the accordion was pulled out and a few tunes played. It was a big part of our youth.’

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