Kneebody, EFG London Jazz Festival, 'enchanting'

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Monday November 24, 2014

From The Telegraph

Kneebody, EFG London Jazz Festival, review: ‘enchanting’
By Oliver Arnoldi

After 10 days of music from the most esteemed names in jazz, such as Marcus Miller, Dee Dee Bridgewater and Abdullah Ibrahim, it may have seemed odd that the final night of the London Jazz Festival saw Kneebody, a little-known quintet based in Los Angeles, take to the stage of Ronnie Scott’s.

Kneebody formed 13 years ago when they met as teenagers at music school in upstate New York. Despite releasing four experimental jazz albums that have won American critical acclaim, the band seemed concious that they had something to prove. ‘This is the first time we’ve been to London,’ said electric bassist Kaveh Rastegar. ‘We’re the Spinal Tap of jazz.’

Yet just 12 bars of funk and a flurry of cheers later, they had the audience irrevocably in their sway. An encouraged show of hands from the crowd suggested that only half had been previously aware of Kneebody’s eclectic music, but the foot stomping and table-tapping that rapidly worked its way through the main lounge signalled that a swift rapport had been created.

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