Review: Jack DeJohnette Trio at Montreaux

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Wednesday July 23, 2014

From Jazz Journal
By: Thomas Rees

Review: Jack DeJohnette at Montreux

Thomas Rees sees the Jack DeJohnette trio (Matt Garrison, Ravi Coltrane) capture the spirit of John Coltrane on the banks of Lake Geneva

‘Jack’s idea was to teach us some music and some history,’ says bassist Matt Garrison as he discusses the origins of the group; a gig in Brooklyn in the mid 90s at which they performed a suite of John Coltrane originals. After a break of almost 20 years, they’re playing together once again, celebrating the work of the great saxophonist, with whom all three men have a personal connection. Drummer DeJohnette played with Coltrane in the 1960s, while Matt is the son of his long-serving bassist Jimmy Garrison. Ravi, of course, is Coltrane’s own flesh and blood.

For those who knew him, the pressure to do justice to the great man’s legacy could easily become a burden. But the trio approach his music with freedom and creativity, unpicking classic melodies and varying the set with standards and pieces of their own.

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