Joshua Redman: Trios Live review '" sax fan's dream of a live set

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Thursday June 26, 2014

From The Guardian

Joshua Redman: Trios Live review ‘” sax fan’s dream of a live set
By: John Fordham

oshua Redman, one of the most technically accomplished saxists in jazz today, parades his powers on this live set of three originals and four covers, recorded in New York and Washington DC. Matt Penman and Reuben Rogers share the bass role and Gregory Hutchinson is on drums, as Redman performs with a skill that sometimes justifies comparison with early Sonny Rollins ‘” notably on the old Rollins vehicle Moritat (Mack the Knife). Redman explores it as stealthy solo ruminations and then pungent runs badgered by Hutchinson’s crunching accents and tight tattoos, and on a finale of high-note bleats and foghorn groans, the crowd goes wild. Never Let Me Go begins in dark, lustrous exhalations and ends in a skimming, melody-spinning solo coda, Soul Dance is a catchy soprano groover, and Monk’s Trinkle, Tinkle ‘” its theme stated in whirring, impetuous blurts ‘” develops with an Ornette Coleman-like freebop looseness. Redman even careers through Led Zeppelin’s The Ocean, on a sax fan’s dream of a set than never lets up.

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