McCoy Tyner: The Real Deal, Live in Costa Mesa

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Friday December 20, 2013

From Influx Magazine

Music Mondays: McCoy Tyner
By: Paul Booth

McCoy Tyner and Joe Lovano. More fire from the old school!

Fire, heat, passion, truth; the REAL DEAL is what McCoy Tyner is. Having turned seventy-five two days before this show, it amazed me to see someone playing like a V6 engine, when many people by age sixty-five are ‘too’ tired to continue doing anything. This is NOT to insult the elderly, it is to illustrate how deep Tyner continues to go in to the well of life.

He was backed by Joe Lovano on Sax and the two played in sync like it was their 3rd decade doing shows. I was fortunate enough to be sitting directly in the eye-line of Tyner’s hands. It was astonishing, he was making love to the piano. As guitarist Carlos Santana once said in an interview ‘it isn’t always nice. Playing is cursing, praying and making love all at once.’ This could not have been more true on this night.

The drummer laid down the usual Jazz solo that was fresh and youthful. He was the youngest on stage and you could FEEL he was tossing in the excitement of being on stage with Tyner and Lovano. I love shows when you can feel the artists emotions beyond the instrument. It is like a conversation and to hit the skill level Tyner has, you have to open up yourself completely.

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