Joshua Redman Stays True to Acoustic Roots

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Thursday November 21, 2013

From The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Preview: Joshua Redman stays true to acoustic roots
By: Rick Nowlin

As an acoustic jazz musician, Joshua Redman never worries about changing styles to suit an audience. And he’s grateful for that, because, he notes, “Jazz has never been a commercial music.”

The saxophonist, who released his most recent album, “Walking Shadows,” in May, brings his quartet to the Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild Jazz Concert Hall for two shows on Saturday. And in that context you see the true Joshua Redman.

“Usually I tour because that’s what I do; [playing live] is what I live to do,” he says. “I love making records, but I would do that even without putting out records. I’m fortunate that I make records and the records I want to make.”

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