"Joshua Redman is in the Prime of His Musical Career"

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Monday November 04, 2013

From Philadelphia Weekly

A couple great shows are coming to town this weekend
By: Bill Chenevert

Joshua Redman is in the prime of his musical career (And to think: We almost lost him to law school). Dude is smart as hell’“he’s got a Phi Beta Kappa BA from Harvard and was accepted to Yale Law’“but took a temporary leave from academia to destroy the jazz world. In 1991, Redman won the Thelonius Monk International Jazz Saxophone Competition, and he’s never looked back. It wasn’t too long afterward that he was collaborating with the greats of New York City’s thriving jazz scene and signing to a recording contract with Warner Brothers, who released his self-titled debut 20 years ago, earning him his first Grammy nomination, the first of a handful of awards and accolades.

The thing about Redman is’“and this is worth knowing about Saturday night’“he’s an extremely flexible saxophonist. In addition to having mastered tenor, alto and soprano horns, he’s also perfected the art of bending his instrument to the genre.

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