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Thursday July 11, 2013

From The Montreal Gazette

Outtakes from the jazz festival
Quotes that didn’t make the initial cut provide views of the relationship between music, media and society in general
By: Juan Rodriguez

When jazz musicians get an opportunity to verbalize about their non-verbal art, they’re often exceedingly literate. Vijay Iyer has numerous scholarly essays, such as Navigation Through Form: Composing for Improvisers. John Zorn takes his fascinating liner notes to the max. (Reading Jazz, edited by Robert Gottlieb, is a treasure trove of personal jazz writing.)

And so I chose my interviewees at this year’s jazz fest not only in relation to their status in their milieu, but also according to how I thought they would answer my questions. I got lucky this year. I finished up the festival with plenty of ‘quotes’ that didn’t make the cut because of space reasons. Looking them over, now that the proverbial dust has settled, they combine to provide a unique view of the relationship between music (mainly jazz), media and society in general.

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