Joshua Redman's "Restless Musical Energy"

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Monday July 06, 2009

When it’s suggested to Joshua Redman that his latest album, Compass, may well represent a new artistic plateau for him ‘” just the saxophonist accompanied by the rare set-up of two sets of standup-bass-and-drums ‘” he immediately launches into a kind of aesthetic treatise: ‘Well, I don’t believe in plateaus at all, or at least plateaus that go on for very long. I always want to be changing, growing, evolving, always to be climbing, though not necessarily wanting to get better because that’s a relative and subjective thing. Hopefully, my music is deepening with time. I don’t want to ever get to a point where I say, ‘OK I’ve arrived at this plateau and I’m going to sit here for the rest of my musical life.’

‘‘Don’t get me wrong, there are incredible geniuses who have found their sound comfortably, but I’ve got a kind of restless musical energy. It seems that as soon as a band I’m a member of expresses its identity, I want to move on to something else, attracted to the unfamiliarity and the struggle ‘” well, struggle is too strong a word ‘” the challenge to find a sound.’

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