Jazz an Ongoing Experiment for McCoy Tyner

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Friday April 05, 2013

from The Boston Globe

Jazz an Ongoing Experiment for McCoy Tyner
By: Jeremy D. Goodwin

When he sits at the piano, McCoy Tyner offers both a lesson in jazz history and a provocative nudge toward the future.

In conversation, he’ll freely tell stories about the times Bud Powell and John Coltrane, already greats of the field, stopped by his mother’s Philadelphia beauty parlor to join jam sessions he hosted while still a teenager. But his band offers a nightly laboratory in musical adventure, refining the innovations of his mature style while proving there’s a world of discovery to be found within the crags of a familiar tune.

‘I don’t forget my past,’ he says on the phone from his home in Bergenfield, N.J., ‘but I’m not trying to repeat it, ‘cause it’s done. I always try to look ahead and see what’s next.’

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