Tyner and Redman Pay Homage to Coltrane

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Monday October 08, 2012

From Classicalite

Lincoln Center NYC covers John Coltrane
By: O’Jay Burgess

Two artists will pay homage to legendary musician John Coltrane in two nights at the Lincoln Center, McCoy Tyner and Joshua Redman will be playing sounds of the late James Coltrane on Oct. 26 and Oct.27.

McCoy Tyner will play first sandwiching Joshua Redman’s performance when he plays at 7:30 p.m. at the start and then coming back at 9:30 p.m., leaving Redman an hour in between at 8 p.m., to entertain the crowd.

McCoy Tyner is a jazz pianist who has been playing since 1960 and is better known for his covering of John Coltrane’s work.

Joshua Redman who is at a different point of his career is a tenor saxophonist who also sites John Coltrane as one of his major influences. Others include his father Dewey Redman a musician in his own right, Ornette Coleman, The Beatles and Aretha Franklin along with many others.

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